My AFT session with Heather was empowering, relieving, encouraging and efficient. It honestly felt like 6 months of therapy progress in less than an hour. Feeling the actual negative emotion literally fall off of me was pretty incredible. Heather was awesome. She was confident and intentional. She knew the process and was super helpful and gentle in leading you through. Overall experience was fantastic. So much lighter emotionally and mentally. Ben able to joke easier and way less neck tension.
— Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton, Young Living Diamond Leader in TX
Yes, Heather is amazing! I sensed her intention that we each benefit from this [AFT] class. My experience was amazing, and I was shocked that I could gain what I did from an online Zoom session! (My husband, who had not been in the room, or listening, walked into the room mid-class and said, “What is that? I’m drawn to it! Whatever it is, let’s say yes.” ) I am empowered, excited, and ready to go forth. The lower back pain I sensed during the class is no more. I felt energy flowing into me during the Superman position as I stated my decrees with the Transformation and Believe.
— Janie S, Young Living Gold Leader, Certified AFT Practitioner in TX
“Knowing a little about the emotional support benefits of essential oils, I wasn’t sure exactly how to use them in a time of need. Being able to utilize the Aroma Freedom Technique in class on an actual emotional block I had was very helpful. I was skeptical as to how quickly or how much better I could feel, but I did feel better and so quickly! My doubts and fears were just gone. And if they creep back into my mind, I know how to quickly move past them again. I’m so grateful to have a simple and effective technique to help me stay positive.
— Shanna R., Young Living Leader in TX
AFT has helped me like nothing else I have experienced. The best part is the lasting results! I set my intention to be a fearless and confident speaker in front of large groups. Heather is awesome! She helps you work through everything during the session and answer questions thoroughly . I have much less anxiety before speaking in front of people, and I am able to collect my words much better and have a better delivery for my material. I am a huge advocate of AFT and recommend it to everyone!!
— Abigail W. in Texas
I had an AFT session with Heather and it literally changed the trajectory of my life. She was such a blessing when I needed help finding guidance and confidence in myself. Heather was so comforting and hospitable even though the session was online. I highly recommend her AFT services.
— Brie C. in Oklahoma, Certified AFT Practitioner
The class was very helpful in breaking my negative thoughts. It worked so fast I couldn’t believe it!
— Carrie H. in Texas
My intention was not simple, as I have been trying to accomplish it all my life. Through the AFT process, I found that my block has to do with a person in my life that expected perfection and was really awful to me. Knowing that, I will keep that in mind when I do my intentions and let that person go and the anger I still have for them.
— Victoria P. in Texas, Mary Kay Consultant & YL Distributor
I used AFT to focus on mom issues and it delivered me from decades of emotional rejection as I saw that He [God] was always with me even when I was little and the first feelings of rejection started. This has been an amazing journey!
— Devora, Young Living Leader in Oregon
Tome mi primera sesión de AFT con Heather, y me encantó!! A pesar de que ya uso los aceites desde hace años y he tomado miles de terapias de todo tipo; con la sesión se liberaron emociones de eventos de mi vida que ni siquiera recordaba, y de otros que ya había trabajado muchas veces. De una manera muy fácil pude identificar las emociones y liberarlas. Muchísimas gracias, Heather!!

I had my first AFT session with Heather, and I loved it! Although I have been using oils for years and have taken thousands of therapies of all kinds, with this AFT session emotions from events in my life that I did not even remember, and others that I had worked through many times, were released. In a very easy way, I was able to identify the emotions and release them. Thank you very much, Heather !!
— Laura G., Young Living Leader in Mexico