Lee's Story - Epilogue

I want to thank everyone for all the comments and feedback to the posts of my personal story.  It has been fun for me to hear so many different perspectives and personal parallels to my own story.  One of the cool things for me has been to learn of the questions and struggles that so many of you have gone through that are similar to my own!

I'd like to add a few thoughts.

First, I believe this journey has a long way to go.  One thing I know is that I don't know much.  On the one hand this can be terrifying.  On the other hand, it is truly exciting!  I often feel like a little kid who wakes up on Christmas morning excited about discovering the many treasures hidden under the tree.  With each new discovery I make, it seems there awaits many more.  Until I was in my late twenties, I thought I had a good handle on God.  Today, I realize I know so little.  Yet, the process of learning more is something I would not trade for anything.

Second, I believe the world of the spirit/God/the universe/Allah/YHWH/whatever-someone-may-call-it is a huge place that is big enough for all of us. Wherever you are today, you can find that deep profound place inside where you touch the ultimate of beings.  Some of you are reading this right now and saying, "I know exactly what you are talking about!"  Others are saying, "I don't quite get this."  Either way, you have an open door, and you are OK.  If you understand it today, walk through it. If you don't understand it today, just remember it is there for you when you are ready. Though I didn't recognize the undulations of the spirit or the voice of God for so many years, I can see now how they were there all along in so many subtle ways. It was only after I walked through that door and connected that I became so aware of all those subtle movements.

This leads me to my final thought.  No spiritual journey is walked alone.  In my years of wandering, I had a number of people who were extremely faithful to pray for me and intercede on my behalf.  Some of them I know about, some of them I'm sure I don't know about, but the greatest one was my dear wife, Heather.  Many of you know her and know the years of spiritual labor she went through on my behalf. She truly is a spiritual hero and saint, and I am forever grateful to her for her faithfulness and love throughout our marriage.  I love her dearly, and I believe with all my heart this is one huge reason the spirit put us together 21 years ago.

There is an old saying that says every story has two sides. My story is no exception.  Heather has blogged some of her perspective of our story over on her other blog, so head over there and be sure to leave a comment! 

Keep sending your feedback; I love it!

I truly hope today that your soul finds rest.


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