Lee's Story - Part 5

Somewhere around the end of June 2015, Heather came home with a book she said I might like to read called Every Word Has Power by Yvonne Oswald .  The premise of the book is that every word we speak has either positive or negative influence over us, and that, by learning to speak positive words, we can positively shape our lives and our future. 

In chapter four, Oswald relates a story where she was attempting to sell a house.  After many months of no buyers, she decided to sit down and come up with a "sell-by" date.  She picked a date and began to envision herself selling the house on the given date.  What's more, she envisioned selling the house for more than her asking price. She wrote the date on a calendar and began speaking the sell date out loud and picturing the act of selling it in her mind.  Well, lo and behold, on the date she picked, a man walked into her house and offered her cash for more than the asking price of the home!

Yvonne then challenges the reader to do a similar exercise.  I thought, "OK, what do I have to lose?  This sounds a little kooky to me, but I'll do the experiment."  So, grabbed the first thought in my mind: "I'm going to have someone offer me a license for my music on July 27, 2015 for $200,000."  She said to be big but realistic, and I thought receiving a music license would be big but realistic for me (I really wasn't sure about the $200k, but that was the number in my head, so I went with it).

I wrote it on a calendar, and I told Heather, my kids, and my brother (I wasn't dare going to tell anyone else!) about my declaration. Then, for the next 3 or so weeks, I began to envision myself receiving a license for my music on July 27.  I began to say it out loud as I drove to and from work.  I even sent myself emails declaring it.

July 27 came and went, and nothing happened.  Surprisingly, I wasn't too disappointed.  I decided I would take whatever lesson I could from the experience…even if it was learning that this was all hogwash :).  But, then July 29th came, and my life has not been the same since.

Stay tuned…

As always, I look forward to your comments and feedback!