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Are you interested in working with me?  I'd love to be a part of your journey, igniting hope in you as I help you discover your path to peace happiness.

My goal is to empower you to bring more energy and vitality into your life through gentle physical, emotional, and spiritual modifications.  I can help you get started with just a 60 minute session or, for those who want to commit to work with me over a longer period of time, I implement a 5 step process for deeper, more lasting change.  Together, we will identify your tethers, those things that limit you from experiencing peace and happiness be it eating habits, thought patterns, health discomforts, mild stress, or other life imbalances.  Next we will discover your starting point from which we will create a plan for sustainable life changes: small, measurable steps you can begin to take immediately to shift the course of your journey over the long haul without overwhelming you. I believe that these incremental changes, tailored to fit your needs, empower you to walk in optimal health for a more balanced life, the Untethered Life!  Finally, I equip you with powerful tools to help you to continue to identify and make changes on your own, long after our time together comes to a close.

Are you open and ready to begin your journey into the Untethered Life?