Exercising joy

Did you know that it's important to exercise your "muscle" that remembers positive feelings?

By in large, most of us are conditioned to hold onto negative emotions, to feel fear and anxiety and to use those as motivators to get out of danger, which is good if you are actually in danger, but how often is that? Probably not as many times a day as that gets triggered in you.

Think of a time when you felt happiness, joy, or some other pleasant emotion. Become aware of where you feel that in your body. Focus on that feeling and allow it to expand to fill other areas of your body. Hold that feeling as long as possible.

Next time you find yourself feeling anxious, remember that feeling, how it felt, and allow yourself to feel it again. Practice this throughout the day until it becomes second nature.

I am passionate about helping people to become all they are created to be, leaving behind old patterns of thinking, of eating, of feeling, to embrace the life they are meant to live.  If you’d like me to walk with you on this journey, contact me at heather@untethered.life and let’s discuss a plan that works best for you.