Heather Harbaugh, founder of Untethered Life, www.untethered.life

Heather Harbaugh, founder of Untethered Life, www.untethered.life

Untethered Life is a business with a mission of helping others to experience true physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom.  

Through nutritional counseling, inner healing work, spiritual direction, Young Living essential oils education, prayer, art, and music, our goal is to help you find harmony, connectedness, and grounding in your life.

Heather Harbaugh, Founder
Lee Harbaugh, Founder


Untethered Life was formed in 2015 when we concluded that our lives were meant for something more.  We took the plunge out into the unknown to build a business that flows from a place of passion and purpose.  Lee contributes technical skills, project management, moral support and endless encouragement to Heather while pursuing his passions in music .  (You can read more about Lee’s story here and visit his websites that feature his original music and his audio branding business Symphonic Brands. ) Heather brings over two decades of expert knowledge and experience in health & wellness, essential oils and art, 

I am Heather, the face of Untethered Life, with expertise and knowledge in bringing freedom, balance, and connection to your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

I’ve always been about teaching others the things I’m learning. If you’re even just a step behind me, I will teach you what I did to get to the next step and help you find your next step.

I champion freedom.  As I become aware of areas I am being held captive, I find out how to become free.  Then I go back and free anyone else who’s ready for freedom (and some who aren’t ;-) )

 I live out on the edge, and when I sense a treasure worth pursuing, I set out after it. Some people call me an “instigator” or a “trail blazer” because of this.  There’s certainly an element of chaos and uncertainty in being a pioneer.  Anytime you do something that’s different than what is known and sure, it feels chaotic (where’s the shoreline?!?!) and plenty of insecurities arise. 

But over the years, God has taught me the value of becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, in becoming curious about the emotions, feelings, and sensations that arise in exploring new territory, and in receiving the valuable information being communicated by all of these sensations, allowing Him to ultimately come in and show me where true balance and peace reside.

I’m here to help you on your path to the Untethered Life.  Contact me today to set up your consultation! 

Our name was birthed out of a vision I, Heather, had during a Sozo healing prayer session.  In my mind’s eye I saw a large ship, like an ocean liner or a battle ship, tethered to the shore line by a massively thick rope.  The ship would go up and down the shore, back and forth, never venturing out beyond the distance the rope allowed it to travel.

God revealed to me that the rope represented a life-time of information that influenced my choices on  what to do or think or believe or feel that would keep me, represented by the large ship, “safe.”  These deeply embedded beliefs about safety created a strong attachment to a familiar shoreline.  I could know I was safe as long as I could see what was comfortable and familiar and sure.

The ship, however, was designed and created for open seas, far beyond the length of the rope and the view of the familiar shoreline.   To stay tethered would mean the ship’s ultimate purpose could never be fulfilled, and while much of the advice and teaching received through the years produced valuable skills and experiences, the ship (me) would need to learn to live out of her purpose and not out of the safety of the shoreline and the sure limits the rope provided.

So, in the vision, I allowed God to cut the tether and set me out to the open seas.

To be honest, I have always been a little bit terrified of the vastness of the ocean.  As a young child I can remember standing at the beach, looking at the endless water, and feeling overwhelmed at how large and unknown it was to me.

But I had been feeling the tension and frustration building in my spirit for quite some time, a longing for something more, for a fulfillment of the greatness God has birthed inside me to bring His kingdom to earth through my life.

God was wooing me to venture out, and venture out I did.

Living the Untethered Life can be terrifying at times.  Standing before the wide open sea, I have two choices: to see the danger, potential mistakes, and pitfalls OR to look for infinite possibilities, adventures, and opportunities for growth that await discovery.

As I learn to trust in my Creator’s original design for me and let go of the tethered ways of thinking, a path emerges where God faithfully and lovingly demonstrates how to release the fears that bind and throw off tethers. In their place, He gives courage to embrace the adventure of living life fully alive.

What tethers do you want to shed today?

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